COV882: Resource Virtualization With Containers

I semester: 2022-23

Tanu Malik

Class Timings: Tu: 6:00-7:15PM and Th: 6:30-7:45PM. (The course will begin from October 11th)
Room: SIT 006


This course will provide an introduction to Linux containers, which isolate different system resources. It will provide a hands-on experience with the Linux infrastructure used for creating containers, provision containers with different resource requirements, and operate them in privileged and non-privileged settings. The overall goal is to develop a deeper knowledge of Linux system calls and appreciation of systems concepts of isolation and file layering. We will also examine alternative isolation (e.g., chroot, seccomp, ebpf) and file layering approaches.

Textbooks and notes

Lecture Schedule

The material to be covered in this course is divided into 5 lectures of 2.5 hours per week followed by an exam. A lecture overview is provided.
If there is interest, additional units may be covered*.

Unit 1

Unit 2

Unit 3

Unit 4

Unit 5

* If a student is interested, the instructor will also carry out small projects with them.


Homeworks must be accomplished on VMs allocated via Baadal. Please request a VM on Baadal. The VM details and supervisor id is shared via the course mailing list.



Homework: 50%
Exam: 50%

Tanu Malik